The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) is an inter-agency body which consists of the representatives of 20 UN organisations working in the country. Under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator, the UNCT provides overall leadership to the work of agencies in South Sudan. The UNCT provides a platform for individual agencies to plan and deliver work together. The UNCT also partners closely with the government, other humanitarian and development actors.

UNCT has three main entities that support them in executing their duties. These entities include the Programme Management Team (PMT), Operations Management Team (OMT) and the United Nations Communications Group (UNCG).

Programme Management Team

un-south-sudan-02-0866-003The Programme Management Team is responsible for coordination of programme issues, including implementation of the Interim Cooperation Framework 2016-17. It is co-chaired by Mumtaz Mia from UNAIDS and Hakan Falkell from WFP.

The programme coordination function is supported by 5 dedicated outcome groups that cover each of the five outcome areas of the ICF: Resilience, social services, peace and governance, the local economy and women and youth as a cross cutting theme. The outcome groups coordinate activities of agencies, support the development of joint One UN flagship programmes, and report on progress to the UNCT through the PMT. Furthermore, the PMT has established an M&E working group that provides advise and quality assurance on the M&E system of the UNCT and on progress reporting, and is responsible for overseeing evaluation reports. The PMT also conducts and oversees joint analytical work on behalf of the UNCT. PMT members conduct joint field visits, and participate in outreach to media, government and donors on behalf of the UNCT.

The PMT coordinates its work with the OMT and the UNCG and helps ensure strong and joint messaging on programme issues and operational effectiveness and efficiency in programme delivery through common services and operations.

United Nations Communications Group

The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) is set up as a platform for responding to common communications challenges faced by the UN as a whole. The UNCG in South Sudan was established in October 2006, with the aim of becoming an information network where all partners may think and act together. This group brings together communications specialists and focal points from all agencies within the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) as well as UNMISS.

UNCG coordinates all joint communication efforts for the UNCT by enhancing UN visibility and outreach, strengthening relations with media and partners and ensuring that the UNCT adopts a consistent and coherent public information. The group is currently co-chaired by Frank Nyakairu (OCHA's Head of Communication & Information Management) and Caroline Hammargren (UNOP's Reporting Officer) . 

Operations Management Team

The UN un-south-sudan-01-0347Operations Management Team in South Sudan is UNCT’s Operational arm that is responsible for coordination of UN Operations related issues. It is co- chaired by Mr. Armando Paz from UNICEF  and Mr. Elliman Jagne from UNDP.

The Operations management team operates through five (5) technical working group namely:

  • HR Network,
  • Finance Network
  • Procurement Network
  • ETC/ICT Network
  • HACT Committee
  • UN Clinic Committee.

Each of these working groups have co-chairs who report directly to OMT and provide updates on the various activities in their respective networks during bi- weekly OMT meetings. During these OMT meetings, important operations related issues are discussed and decisions are made. These decisions are then flagged to UNCT for final approval/endorsement.The Operations Management Team is also responsible for the development of the UN South Sudan Business Operations Strategy (BOS). To date, a committee responsible for spear heading the development of the Business Operations Strategy has been formed and areas of gainful synergies have been identified. This committee works hand in hand with the expertise from UNDG. The OMT also collaborates with PMT and the UNCG to help ensure a strong joint messaging on operational issues hence effective and efficient Programme delivery through common services and operations.


Photos by: Julie Pudlowski