The UN is working with government to ensure unhindered humanitarian assistance

“Dialogue between the Government and Humanitarian agencies continued today regarding the issue of registration and work permit fees and the impact increased charges, if imposed, would have on the delivery of aid in South Sudan.

While the newly increased fees do not apply to United Nations agencies and staff, non-governmental organisations are required to pay fees for registration and work permits in order to operate in South Sudan.

At a Humanitarian Coordination Forum today in Juba, agencies further discussed concerns about the extra costs imposed by the fee hike and the impact that will have on their ability to deliver much-needed aid to vulnerable people across the country.

This concern was echoed by the UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, Alain Noudehou, at a press conference yesterday where he said that, while humanitarian agencies were required to uphold the laws of the country, the fees were of huge concern to agencies trying to save lives in South Sudan.

The Humanitarian Coordinator continues to engage with humanitarian actors and the Government to ensure unhindered delivery of assistance by eliminating bureaucratic impediments and securing unimpeded access.

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